KORAX CO.,LTD. aims to provide specialized international comprehensive
logistics services as a logistics brand affiliate of HKC CO., LTD.

Warehouse & Distribution Service

We promise to provide optimized W&D services for your SCM system.

Leave W&D logistics to experts and focus on your core competencies.
SUPPLY CHAIN experts in each field will also suggest the design, planning, and operation of logistics.


CFS(CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION) | Container-based import and export cargo(Incl. bonded cargo) loading, unloading, cargo sorting and storage services
FREEZER/REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSE | Ensures freshness of goods by maintaining a uniform and stable storage temperature.
Provides collective storage/transport logistics service by operating frozen/refrigerated vehicles between major bases across the country
WAREHOUSE STORAGE / WAREHOUSE RENTAL | Operation of various types of warehouses that can be stored according to product characteristics such as high-tech warehouses, sliding warehouses, general rack warehouses, and flatland warehouses


W&D LOGISTICS CONSULTING | Supporting customized logistics process consulting to establish logistics processes by business field industry
WAREHOUSING MANAGEMENT | Inspection, barcode attachment (selective), application of warehousing standards for each product
INVENTORY MANAGEMENT | Location management according to product characteristics, insurance subscription, security company/repellant service provision, in & out bound history management, effective organization and lot management for each product, cycle count
CARGO DELIVERY MANAGEMENT | Provide cooperation service with three major courier companies, send invoice number to customer, One day shipment, competitive courier rate
RETURN CARGO MANAGEMENT | Quality work through selection, repackaging work
OTHER VAS(PROCESSING) | Subdivision, packaging (product packaging, cushioning material packaging), labeling, subsidiary material purchase agency service


Provide customized full-filment service to contracted platform (B2C, B2B) SCM
FULL-FILMENT | Order management, invoice transmission, label printing, barcode management, excel printing, CS information collection, data management