KORAX CO.,LTD. aims to provide specialized international comprehensive
logistics services as a logistics brand affiliate of HKC CO., LTD.

Railway Freight

TOTAL RAILWAY SOLUTION provided by years of experience

Domestic and overseas rail transport services are complex logistics services in which immediate response to frequently occurring issues between transport is essential, and cooperation with local experts is essential. We promise to provide TOTAL RAILWAY SOLUTION through strategic business alliances with RAILWAY SERVICE specialized companies.


TSR(TRANS SIBERIAN RAILWAY) | One-stop service provided by trans-Siberian railways in Russia, CIS, and Europe
TCR(TRANS CHINESE RAILWAY) | Provides one-stop service to Central Asia, China’s inland regions, Mongolia, etc. through trans-China railroads
TMR(TRANS MANCHURIAN RAILWAY) | Provides a TSR connection service through Domun-Manjuri(China) – Zabaikalsk(Russia) – Karimskaya(Russia)
TMGR(TRANS MONGOLIAN RAILWAY) | TSR connection service is provided through Tianjin(China)- Beijing(China) – Erlian(China) – Jammingwood(Mongolia) – Sukhbatar(Mongolia) – Nauski(Russia) – Ulan-Ude(Russia)


IPI(INTERIOR POINT INTERMODAL) | Shipping services are provided by shipping companies or consolation companies from major ports in the Far East to cities in the U.S. through major ports in the U.S. West Coast or East Coast.


Provides comprehensive logistics services such as storage, unloading, transportation, and delivery of imported and exported cargo through UIWANG ICD, which can handle 1.37 million TEU of container cargo per year.
Providing competitive prices by efficiently utilizing freight cars and railroad transport in the working section as a measure to increase logistics costs following the implementation of the freight vehicle safety fare system.