KORAX CO.,LTD. aims to provide specialized international comprehensive
logistics services as a logistics brand affiliate of HKC CO., LTD.

Project Logistics

We will provide differentiated services through experience in transporting a number of special cargoes.

There are no exceptions to the safe transport of special cargo from shipment to destination. We provide customized services for your project cargo.


Provides safe transport services from origin to destination and selection of premium horses from major horse supplies across Europe and Americas
MAIN TASK OF DEPARTURE | Horse selection, transportation schedule establishment, transportation using horse-only trailer, animal quarantine, and management during quarantine
AIR TRANSPORT SERVICES | Receipt of quarantine certificate, local export customs clearance, operation of optimized stall to reduce logistics cost, local quarantine expert
MAIN TASK OF ARRIVAL | Horse transportation expert status check before arrival, animal quarantine, import customs clearance, transportation using horse-only trailer


Provides plant construction material transportation services such as precision equipment, bulk cargo, factory construction(transfer) facilities, and dangerous goods
MAIN TASK | Propose a specific schedule (transportation plan) for an appropriate transport method based on information such as detailed cargo information and delivery deadlines for the requested cargo
Thorough preliminary investigation of cargo and investigation of obstacles between transport, simulation of transport methods, investigation of customs regulations and customs practices in importing countries


TRANSPORTATION OF SPECIAL VEHICLES (SUPERCARS, CARAVANS, CAMPERS) | Proposal of transportation method by vehicle type (new/used vehicle), provision of insurance, local cargo INSPECTION, import customs clearance (requirements), consignment
YACHT TRANSPORT | CNTR type optimization according to the cargo information of the model, preparation for import customs clearance, apron transportation using domestic special vehicles, trailer registration work