KORAX CO.,LTD. aims to provide specialized international comprehensive
logistics services as a logistics brand affiliate of HKC CO., LTD.

Customs Clearance Service

We promise to provide the highest level of international trade consulting and customs legal services.

All services related to international trade, such as domestic and international customs’ FTA origin investigation, multinational corporations’ transfer price investigation, customs’ customs review
and administrative trial, counterpart country’s non-tariff barrier response, etc. is provided.


IMPORT AND EXPORT CUSTOMS CLEARANCE | Export customs clearance and customs refund in original condition, import and export customs clearance
RECEIVING REQUIREMENTS IMPORT AND EXPORT CUSTOMS CLEARANCE(ITEM) | Violation of customs law, errors in reporting and tax payment, tems subject to FTA, bonded areas(free trade zones), Intellectual property protection items, strategic items(military strategic items and major defense products) items, and items that include other import and export requirements


CUSTOMS REVIEW | Represented customs in the case of corporate examination(comprehensive examination, planning examination) and in objection to customs additional collections such as customs duties as a result of corporate examination
FTA UTILIZATION AND ORIGIN INVESTIGATION/VERIFICATION | Advised on various administrative litigations, such as countermeasures for FTA origin verification by import and export companies and complaints related to FTA origin investigation
CUSTOMS ASSESSMENT | Confirmation and diagnosis of the adequacy of the taxable price of imported goods, and pre-approval(ACVA) for multinational companies
ITEM CLASSIFICATION | Tax calculation and legal requirements review through accurate HS CODE verification for imported and exported goods
INVESTIGATION OF VIOLATIONS OF CUSTOMS LAW AND FOREIGN EXCHANGE INSPECTION | Representing and responding to criminal investigations for violations of import and export laws, and proxy and countermeasures for foreign exchange inspections for import and export companies


Providing practical consulting service with experience and know-how in performing its own business in designating AEO certification and AEO accredited acquisition support business registration agency