compliance and safety management policy

As a leading company leading the development of freight forwarding business, Korax Co., Ltd. stipulates the following business policies for compliance with import and export laws and safety management for continuous growth and maximization of customer satisfaction.

1. In carrying out import and export business, thoroughly familiarize with and comply with relevant laws and regulations, including the Customs Act, and actively participate in customs administration.
2. Continuously improve legal compliance and safety management capabilities by stably establishing and implementing an internal control system.
3. Establish a goal to identify risk factors and minimize risk in all import and export activities, and strive to improve safety management and secure financial soundness through execution and management.
4. Actively participate in various education and training programs to improve legal compliance and safety management capabilities.
5. We always work closely with customers and suppliers to maintain the integrity of import and export goods.
6. As a member of our company, we do our best to maximize the satisfaction of our customers and society by complying with this management policy.

September 19, 2022.

Korax Co., Ltd.
CEO Jaehyun Lim